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Vixen International Events is a Personal Management and Events Coordination company that can help connect you with specialists for any event.


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Col. Al Worden, Apollo Astronaut
Dr Iya Whiteley, Space Psychologist








Vix Southgate, Children’s Author and Multi-skilled Entrepreneur
Jaclyn Bell, Theoretical Particle Physicist and Champion Cheerleader









Merritt Moore, Ballet Dancer and Quantum Physicist
Vijay Shah, Chartered Aerospace Engineer and Adventurer









Mike Ford, Chartered Engineer and Bloodhound Education Lead
Chas Simpson, Space Archeologist (profile coming soon)










Tim Gagnon, Mission Patch Designer and Space Artist













Robert Curbeam – Former NASA Astronaut

Gregory H Johnson – Former NASA Astronaut

Tessa Narran – Commercial Airline Pilot


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Michael Cockerham, Photographer