Hello Earth: Greetings from Endeavour


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Hello Earth was the first book of poems by an astronaut.

This insightful and remarkable book reveals the human behind the astronaut image. Al Worden writes of the bitterness of public hero-worship, the incomparable joy of voyaging in space, and how the immensity of his solitude and distance from homemade global arguments and politics made them seem trivial. Indeed, Al’s experiences changed his entire view of reality on Earth, and he shares it beautifully in this book.

Hello Earth is no longer in print and signed copies are scarce.

Vixen International has 15 copies from the Worden Family collection, every sale provides a donation the Worden Estate which funds Al’s legacy.

Please note: Only 3 books will be on sale at any one time, and their price will be inline with recent auction prices.

Due to the limited stock, they will only go on sale once a year during the Apollo 15 Anniversary, until stock runs out.