Vixen International Events

Vixen can facilitate at any stage of event planning.

We can develop an entire event, or be a last-minute implementation specialist, to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Vixen International Events can:

  • Manage individual components or oversee the entire event
  • Organise VIP Guest Speakers
  • Develop event schedules
  • Schedule and manage VIPs
  • Implement existing event plans
  • Liaise with Press, Media and PR companies
  • Coordinate external specialists (photographers, speakers, performers etc)

2022 – Events

World Space Week 2022

WSW2022 Theme is ‘Space and Sustainability’.

Celebrate World Space Week 4-10 Oct 2022

Organise your own event and register it on the Global Calendar.

More information about World Space Week can be found on the UK National Coordinators website: The British Interplanetary Society

2021 – Events

World Space Week 2021

WSW2021 Theme is ‘Women in Space’.

Celebrate World Space Week 4-10 Oct 2021

Apollo 15 50th Anniversary

In July 2021 we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 15 mission to the Moon

2020 – Events

Celebrations of Al Worden’s Life and Legacy in 2020

 Alfred M Worden

Apollo 15 Command Module Pilot

7th Feb 1932 – 18 March 2020

Join the celebrations on social media on 26th July 2020

To coincide with the 49th anniversary of Apollo 15’s launch, please join in on Twitter and Facebook and share your memories of Al.

Join the VIRTUAL Celebration of Life on 19th Sept 2020

Click here to join the Virtual Celebration of Life.

We will greatly miss the VIP that started ‘Vixen International Events’.

Ad Astra Al!

World Space Week 2020

WSW2020 Theme is ‘Satellites Improve Life’.

Celebrate World Space Week 4-10 Oct 2020