Vijay Shah – Chartered Aerospace Engineer

Vijay is a chartered aerospace engineer and adventurer who is currently developing a Synergetic Air Breathing Rocket Engine (SABRE) for hypersonic flight and space planes at Reaction Engines.

Vijay was one of 12 candidates on BBC Two’s ‘ASTRONAUTS: Do you Have What It Takes’ programme.

Vijay is also an experienced explorer and mountaineer – he was part of the first British team to ski across the Penny Ice Cap enduring temperatures down to -60C and has led expeditions to the Andes.  Exploration for Vijay is not about making arduous journeys across the extremes of the planet but is a mindset, a way of experiencing the world.  He has spent over three years travelling and on expedition.

Vijay is available for event, keynote speaking and other TV/presenting work.