The Charity Space Auction

This special feature includes a range of top quality space related memorabilia.

All money raised by the auction will go to The British Interplanetary Society, who promote the exploration and use of space for the benefit of humanity, by connecting people to create, educate and inspire, and advance knowledge in all aspects of astronautics.


Bid for a unique Christmas present.


eBay auction will begin:  18th November


Below are the items that will be featured in the November auction.


Item No. Picture Description Sponsor
Lot 1 Collection of meteorites
NWA XXX (2), Campo del Cielo, Lunar NWA, Brenham and tektite.
Donated by Aerolite Europe.
Lot 2 Section of flown Apollo 13 cargo netting from Aquarius lunar module – box framed with CoA Donated by The Space Collective.
Lot 3 One copy of paper space rocket model books. Donated by UK collector.
Lot 4 Lunar Surface Painting Image coming soon An original ‘lunar surface’ piece from Dutch painter Ed Hengenveld Donated by US collector.
Lot 5 A Man on the Moon book Image coming soon ‘A Man on the Moon’ signed by Andy Chaikin  (this book was the basis for From the Earth to the Moon) Donated by US collector
Lot 6 Spacelab Handle Image coming soon An original handle from Spacelab (not flown) Donated by US collector
Lot 7 Two space t-shirts
1 Mercury and 1 Apollo design.
(size and fit to suit winner)
Donated by The High Frontier
Lot 8 Limited Edition Porcelain Apollo Lunar Globe Image Coming Soon Finely crafted Porcelain Lunar Globe – 75mm Diameter Donated by The Little Globe Company.
Lot 9 Polo shirt issued to the Galileo Propulsion Team that tested and
fuelled all four Galileo satellites that were launched on Ariane flight 233 last
November. Size is M
Donated by European Astrotech.
Lot 10 Polo shirt that was issued to the Propulsion Team that tested and
fuelled the Gokturk-2 satellite from Jiuquan Space Centre in China in December
2012. Size is XL.
Donated by Space Balloons.